The Contempo-sitional Bathroom

When defining your design style, is modern too sleek? Traditional too stodgy? Your borderline style may be “transitional.”
Transitional style is a marriage of traditional […]

Don’t shrink the odds by falling prey to these common pitfalls.

Kitchen Remodel Reither Construction performed in 2014, Castle Rock, Colorado

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in a Kitchen Remodel

In a perfect world, demolition starts on […]

Here we go! Started Week #2 of rough in for the Greenwood Village kitchen.

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Finishing tear out 
Starting electrical        
Finishing framing, starting plumbing and HVAC      

Julia Child’s Kitchen

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Reither Construction toured the American History Museum in Washington D.C. this past week!  There is an exhibit of  the legendary cook and teacher Julia […]

Overhauling your Home

Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens aren’t the only projects we do here at Reither Construction.  We can OVERHAUL your whole house!   Our goal is to showcase […]

Bon appétit: experimenting in your kitchen

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Baked Mushrooms Filled with Spinach and Blue Cheese

With the fall crisp in the air there is nothing better than experimenting in the kitchen. This fabulous […]

The Calm Before the Storm: Preparing for a Remodel

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There’s nothing that can renew your love for your home quite like a remodel can. Making your dream home a reality is an exhilarating […]