2017 Cost vs. Value

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The remodeling industry can be a tricky beast when it comes to comparing the cost vs. value associated with your remodeling projects. Luckily the […]

Stress-Free Home Renovations

If you are anything like us, the thought of having your home gutted and renovated is exciting news! However, for some people home renovations […]

Why is cork flooring so popular these days?

Why is cork flooring so popular these days?

Cork Flooring in Basement

Naturally manufactured, renewable, and sustainable material is cork tile flooring. Cork flooring provides cushion […]

DIY Home Projects for the cool weather


Fall is just around the corner…

Here’s what we suggest tackling this fall:
1. Insulate the attic
Going up into the attic on a hot […]

5 tips for going green

Small actions can create big change — especially when it comes to the environment. Here are ten ways to lessen your impact on the planet, […]

Five ways to stay warm this winter

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Since the snow doesn’t look like it will be letting up anytime soon and the heater has been burning a hole into your pocket […]

End of Week #3 Greenwood Village Kitchen


Our Weekly Update:  Installing new kitchen floors.  We tore out existing red oak flooring and replaced it with new.  It will […]