Bathrooms, along with kitchens, sell houses. Study after study has shown that bathrooms and kitchens have the largest influence on prospective buyers’ opinions. It should come as no surprise that around 78 percent of all home renovation projects are bathroom renovations, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Many of these projects aim to bring new life to previously cold and boring spaces by brightening them up, either with better lighting or a tasteful splash of color.


One of the easiest ways to brighten up any space – bathrooms included – is to exploit the availability of natural lighting. Try centering your bathroom design around large, bold windows and allowing the light from these windows to frame the design of your bathroom at large. If you don’t have access to exterior walls or you need a little more privacy than these windows allow for, try using a skylight to bring in some natural light. Natural light is great not only because is serves as a natural disinfectant, but also because it’s much less abrasive than artificial light.



Obviously, not all bathrooms will have access to natural lighting. It’s inevitable that for some projects you’ll be dependent on artificial light. In these situations, using recessed lighting, mirrors, and light colors will help make the most of your space.


Another inexpensive way to brighten up your bathroom is adding a splash of color to enhance the existing design. The key here is to create an interesting contrast which will bring out both the base colors and the accents.



Adding bright, fresh colors livens up most bathrooms, but occasionally, it can be a little too bold. To guard against this, try using shades of the same hue to offset a stronger color and bring dynamism and levity to the room.


Your bathroom should be a place where you feel warm and comfortable. Creating this environment is oftentimes easy and relatively inexpensive. Not only will you truly love the space, but building a bright, beautiful bathroom will certainly pay off when you decide to sell your property and the next owner falls in love with your space.

You can create the perfect remodeling experience!

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