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Upcycling Design Trends

Upcycling:  Wikipedia’s definition:
“is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental […]

Need organization in your home? Consider a mudroom

Don’t let your mudroom become a chaotic catchall for shoes and outdoor gear. Check out designers’ top tips for keeping your entry room, coat room […]

The Contempo-sitional Bathroom

When defining your design style, is modern too sleek? Traditional too stodgy? Your borderline style may be “transitional.”
Transitional style is a marriage of traditional […]

80’s Throwback Kitchen Remodel

Remember that 1980’s kitchen remodel?  It has come a long way, baby!

*Kitchen ceiling has been raised *Pantry walls opened between kitchen and family room […]

Granite appeal

Why does granite seem to be so much more popular than quartz?

Back in the 1990s, granite officially became a status symbol in the world […]

Laundry Room Blues

Don’t get the Laundry Room blues! Remodel it and your blues will go out with the wash!


As you work your way through that list […]

Where do you spend a lot of your time?

 In your bathroom!  That is why you should love your bathroom whether it is large or small.  Make it a special place to be.

The […]

Do you feel cramped? Maybe it is time to finish your basement.

It may be Spring and we are all looking forward to spending more time outdoors but who doesn’t want to utilize extra space in your […]

Home Remodeling – There’s an app for that

Life is full of choices and when it comes to home remodeling it’s sometimes difficult to feel confident that you are making the right […]

6 home remodeling don’ts

Whether you are looking to hire out or you are a do it yourself kind of person, getting a glimpse into the mind of […]